Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Creating a learning culture: The movement begins here at Yin Yang

Friday Night: Clubbing? Drinking? Relaxing from a stressful week at work.
Saturday Night: More Clubbing? More Drinking? Anticipating potential
love prospects from a night out in NYC.
Sunday Night: Eating? Sleeping? Complaining about how another weekend flew by so quickly and nothing happened. I have been in NYC for a couple of years. The wild and crazy lifestyle that NY is famous for has become a bland routine to me. While I continue to find enjoyment in the openings of new restuarants and clubs, I know there are many more ways for me to enjoy my life. I want to meet more people - people who come from different walks of life, people who are friendly, fun and aspire more to life. I want to broaden my horizon beyond - whether it is in literature, the arts, or other "hip" topics. Back in June, 2003 my friend invited me to a Yin Yang Event. Yin Yang, a term that rings a bell to many ears, yet seems so mysterious and deep. It turns out that Yin Yang was the social vehicle I needed to remind me of what it is like to have fun in NY and to live life to its fullest. The Yin Yang events fundamentally changed the way I think about how, what and when we learn, and how we can apply learning to practice. It's through the number of Yin Yang events I have attended that has motivated me to put my thoughts to paper. Hopefully my friends (old and new) will go "Yanging" with me and experience what I mean by a new lifestyle and culture in New York that's soon to be hip!


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