Thursday, March 31, 2005


I've just found out that the upcoming Yin Yang event in May will be about entrepreneurship. One of the guest speakers will be Kathleen Giordano also known as "Lady Barber". Her life story is amazing and very inspiring. She modeled in Europe for years and later came to New York and worked in a barber shop in Wall street. When she was turned down for the promotion that she wanted, she went solo and began her empire as "lady barber" by going to the corporate offices of busy business men to give them a haircut. She has been receiving a lot of press, I actually saw her on the television show life & style, she was great--a very graceful woman. She has really made a name for herself. I definately can't wait to see her at Yin Yang NYC so come and join me...sign up--Yin Yang's website is on the previous post. By the way Kathleen's website is

Monday, March 14, 2005

YIN YANG Official Website

For those of you who may be wondering how you can find out more info about these event visit for more information about YIN YANG - sign-up for upcoming events and view event schedule...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

DaSoulfulEar performed live last year - - great songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's - - from Barry White to Marvin Gaye - - these guys rock! Posted by Hello

And the interesting content and talks begin! Dr. Ian Kerner was one of my favorite YIN YANG speakers - - he is the man behind the book "Be Honest - You're Not That Into Him Either" - - he delivers the truth and facts behind today's dating arena in a fun and shoot-from-the-hip approach - a "true New Yorker"! Posted by Hello

CARASAN models at YIN YANG event. Posted by Hello

YIN YANG co-founder, Leah Poller with Ryan Leslie and guest. I love RYAN! Tommy Mottola handpicked him - - he is an amazing R&B crooner. Hope they have him perform again. Posted by Hello

Couture Design House CARASAN featured its Spring 2005 HAVANA line at YIN YANG's October event themed "What's Fashionable in Intimacy" - loved the clothes! How fabulous, sexy and fun. Posted by Hello

YIN YANG guest and Christina Maldonado of NY1 Noticias at YIN YANG's October 2004 Event - "What's Fashionable in Intimacy" Posted by Hello

Some interesting guests at YIN YANG event. Lionel Bissoon (US leader in Mesotherapy), Steve Makris (owner of Fantis Foods and Thalassa Restaurant), other fun guests and YIN YANG co-founder Kimberly Fields. Posted by Hello

I met Roberta Flack at YIN YANG's January 2005 Event! Posted by Hello

Casablanca Artist RYAN LESLIE performed at this event. OZ GARCIA, celebrity nutritionist was the special guest speaker. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Creating a learning culture: The movement begins here at Yin Yang

Friday Night: Clubbing? Drinking? Relaxing from a stressful week at work.
Saturday Night: More Clubbing? More Drinking? Anticipating potential
love prospects from a night out in NYC.
Sunday Night: Eating? Sleeping? Complaining about how another weekend flew by so quickly and nothing happened. I have been in NYC for a couple of years. The wild and crazy lifestyle that NY is famous for has become a bland routine to me. While I continue to find enjoyment in the openings of new restuarants and clubs, I know there are many more ways for me to enjoy my life. I want to meet more people - people who come from different walks of life, people who are friendly, fun and aspire more to life. I want to broaden my horizon beyond - whether it is in literature, the arts, or other "hip" topics. Back in June, 2003 my friend invited me to a Yin Yang Event. Yin Yang, a term that rings a bell to many ears, yet seems so mysterious and deep. It turns out that Yin Yang was the social vehicle I needed to remind me of what it is like to have fun in NY and to live life to its fullest. The Yin Yang events fundamentally changed the way I think about how, what and when we learn, and how we can apply learning to practice. It's through the number of Yin Yang events I have attended that has motivated me to put my thoughts to paper. Hopefully my friends (old and new) will go "Yanging" with me and experience what I mean by a new lifestyle and culture in New York that's soon to be hip!